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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Oh Jammu & Kashmir, what was your crime? Who did you offend that they long to punish you? Are you not a people, old as the nations of the world, older than the straight borders of colonial maps? Nay, nay, you are not a nation! You are land and water. Yours is a curse from the Plateau of Tibet, Your...
https://youtu.be/97IES3jFOg0 There comes a point for members of a community to stand up and be heard. And that time has come for members of our community, the British-Pahari community, otherwise less popularly known as the 'Azad' Kashmiris, but selectively as the ‘Mirpuris’. For far too long, our absence from the discourse on all things “British-Pakistani”, “British-Muslim”, “British-Asian”, has allowed our fellow...
BREXIT IS ESSENTIALLY the fantasy of the 'hard' right wing of the Tory Party, who wanted to 'get back control' of the UK's sovereignty by controlling its borders and having the freedom to make its own trade deals with the rest of the world but largely without immigration. They won the last referendum in 2016 mainly on immigration, and not so...
Dear British Paharis I speak to you through this medium as a brother from Indian Occupied Kashmir. I speak to you for our shared homeland, history, and continuous struggle against oppression and aggression. We are the children of hills and mountains. We fought collectively against the brutality of the Dogra Regime for our freedom and many before them, and now...
EXCERPT from "The Evolution of AJK Public Agency" "Before arriving here, I can confidently assert that I was neither a patriot, nor a nationalist or even a democrat. I was a journalist working in various conflict hotspots around the globe (Iraq and Afghanistan), had regular access to the corridors of power in Westminster and Whitehall while visualising a clear path...
The Evolution of AJK Public Agency Citizen’s Opinion + Citizen’s Resources = Citizen’s Control of Public Policy The most important aspect of modern-day governance is a consensus on public narrative, which is derived from an orderly aggregate of genuine public opinion. As the citizens of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) are the owners and inheritors of the public space in which they...
And here lived, beneath the receding waters of Mangla, my people, once upon a time. As her waters recede, and the green grass shimmers in the full glory of the sun, we are taken back to the memories of our forebears, only just buried in our minds. If you pay attention, amidst the eerie silence of...
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This footage makes an attempt to summarise the effort of Mahmood Ahmed Musafir in light of his herculean effort to address the near absence of governance in AJK. #ajk #AjkMagayAzadi DAY 53 Quote of the Day “I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my business. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone...
It’s ‘Azad’ - 'Free'. "Okay!?" "It's Azad?!" "Free!" This is Pakistan’s official stance on 'Azad' Jammu & Kashmir! But, what is Azad Kashmir ‘free’ of? According to the Pakistani state-enforced narrative, Azad Kashmiris are free from Indian tyranny. Women aren’t being raped by Indian soldiers, and by ‘Indian’ they mean non-Muslim soldiers, without failing to mention that there are an ample amount of Muslims in the...




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