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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Equality and Human Rights Campaigner, Researcher, Content Writer, and Traveller. Blogger at Portmir Foundation. I'm unapologetically liberal by values, opposed to authoritarianism in all its ugly manifestations - states run by militaries, or single parties are not genuine democracies; have we not learnt anything from history? People are not things to be "owned", "exploited" and "manipulated". Political propaganda is not history, ethnicity or geography. Nation states, ethnic groups, linguistic identities, are themselves modern myths. Dictatorships are horrible places for women, minorities (of all stripes and colours)! I love languages and cultures - want to study as many as I can; proficient in some. Opposed to social and political injustice wherever it rears its ugly head. Grandparents from the Himalayan mountains of Jammu & Kashmir, presently split between India and Pakistan. These two countries are fighting over Kashmir, they want the land and not the native peoples of these historical lands, whose "memories" they now police. I get the impression no one cares about the people stuck in this divided State - currently researching the cultures of this region outside political and territorial paradigms, and the narratives of the occupying 'mainstream'. Ultimately, hoping to create a space for members of the British-Pahari community to articulate their own liberal and secular aspirations, within the context of their lived experiences (Humanism, Sufism). We can start by having our own identity label for UK purposes; we've been in this country for nearly 4 generations, so we should have an identity that reflects our collective roots in this country. Post colonial Britain is the most redemptive and virtuous nation on earth, Brits are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I believe 'life' is a work in progress so nothing is fixed even our thoughts! If you can think for yourself, have conviction, you're not a fascist, racist, religious bigot, malware bot, or opportunist, feel free to contact me - always prepared to widen my intellectual horizons and stand corrected - don't insult me though. Be grown up. Tell me why you think I'm wrong. If you make sense, I'll change my views. My opinions are not necessarily those of the Portmir Foundation; the Foundation does not do censorship; if you disagree with any of us, and you espouse liberal values, write your own opinion piece, and we'll publish it even if we disagree with it. It has to be factual and original. You can contact us at info@portmir.org.uk.




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