Muhammad Ali Murtaza, an innocent young man was brutally tortured to death by Pakistan’s army without any explanation and worse, they tried to cover it up.

Quotes of the Day

“The people who make wars, the people who reduce their fellows to slavery, the people who kill and torture and tell lies in the name of their sacred causes, the really evil people in a word–these are never the publicans and the sinners. No, they’re the virtuous, respectable men, who have the finest feelings, the best brains, the noblest ideals.”

Aldous Huxley, 1894 – 1963 

“The advocate for torture, would wish to see the strongest hand joined to the basest heart, and the weakest head. Engendered in intellectual, and carried on in artificial darkness, torture is a trial, not of guilt, but of nerve, not of innocence, but of endurance; it perverts the whole order of things, for it compels the weak, to affirm that which is false, and determines the strong, to deny that which is true; it converts the criminal into the evidence, the judge into the executioner, and makes a direr punishment than would follow guilt, precede it.”

Charles Caleb Colton, 1780 – 1832

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