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Profile to come… stay posted.

Okay, the official bit…

My opinions are not necessarily those of the Portmir Foundation; the Foundation does not do censorship and neither does it endorse my opinions; if you disagree with any us, and you’re from our background, write your own opinion piece and we’ll publish it.


  1. This is a good initiative to forward the debate on what ‘Mirpuris’, ‘Kashmiris’, ‘Jamwaals’, ‘Pahaaris’ and ‘AJKites’ are. What is the level of connection between the diaspora in the UK and those inhabitants (subjects or citizens) of AJK. Can the benefits of living in an evolved democracy with a heavy legacy of colonialism (the UK) play any meaningful or constructive role in providing the same benefits to AJK (non-existant on the world map or global imagination), a territory stuck between 2 possessive and intolerant narratives in the shape of Indian and Pakistani nationalism?

    I hope the above thread will be pursued in forthcoming podcasts.


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