The Birth of ‘A’JK Public Agency

Kotli, Mirpur Division, Jammu & Kashmir; 16 January 2016

This is our first attempt at making a documentary in ‘A’JK with ‘bells and whistles’. Many thanks to all my co-citizens for taking part. Some of the background music was borrowed from Shigeru Umebayashi: Yumeji’s Theme (In The Mood for Love) Courtesy of Emotion Music Co., Ltd.
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Born in Sehnsa, Kotli, Azad Jammu Kashmir, but taken to the United Kingdom in 1976 at the age of 4. Returned indefinitely at the age of 33, though had originally only come for a month! I'm most interested in assisting my co-citizens (of AJK in particular and Jammu Kashmir in general) transition from meek but thoughtful ‘subjects’ of the former Dogra Empire to confident and competitive ‘citizens’ in a globally inter-connected world. Most of my time here is spent in researching public opinion, measuring our economy, logging human rights' cases and developing a 200 year historical timeline for Jammu & Kashmir, while actively working to develop civil society via public agency, in collaboration with my co-citizens wherever they may reside. “A solution to Jammu & Kashmir’s unresolved status can only be executed if the citizens of the territory create that solution without external interference” Tanveer Ahmed. Okay, now the official bit... My opinions are not necessarily those of the Portmir Foundation; the Foundation does not do censorship and neither does it endorse my opinions; if you disagree with any of us and you're from our background, write your own opinion piece and we'll publish it -