Nafeesa Hamid is a poet, spoken word artist, playwright and creative producer. From the ‘Alum Rock’ area of Saltley, Birmingham, she studied in Derby and joined the Mouthy Poets collective in Nottingham. She has been writing and performing for about 4 years, focusing on issues such as mental health, domestic violence, gender, identity and culture. Nafeesa has worked with Apples and Snakes, BMAG, mac birmingham, Derby Theatre and Beatfreeks. She has featured at Level Up, Hit The Ode, Poetry Is Dead Good and Outspoken. Her work has been selected for publication in the Saqi Anthology Muslim Women in the UK: An Anthology of Voices 2016. She is also the founder and co-manager of Twisted Tongues and TT Scribble Sessions.

“Urban Dictionary Entry on Alum Rock” – Online Prejudice

It’s a place in birmingham which has a huge amount of scary people. Some are full on chavs, many good looking actually. Others, yo, wtf?? They are like full on wannabes, aint happening blurd they are well ugly. As for the girls, well what can i say. They make sure they look perfect before they leave the door. What the point is i dont know. There are probably just some perves waiting to get them. Jeez…

I don’t have an example, if you go there to alum rock trust me u will totally get what im talking about…..

Pfff, anyways yeah its actually alright,

well would be without all the freshies and stuff =D

by huh ?? u wot ?? July 09, 2010


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