BREXIT IS ESSENTIALLY the fantasy of the ‘hard’ right wing of the Tory Party, who wanted to ‘get back control’ of the UK’s sovereignty by controlling its borders and having the freedom to make its own trade deals with the rest of the world but largely without immigration.

They won the last referendum in 2016 mainly on immigration, and not so much on economic or social issues.

Ironically, some South Asians voted LEAVE, because they believed “there are too many immigrants coming in from the EU”, forgetting that they, too, were coming to the UK in large numbers once upon a time!

If the Brexiteers succeed in getting us out of the EU, they would’ve polarised the country even further, resulting in poor economy and creating mass unemployment, blaming immigrants for all this.

With the rise of right-wing populism in Italy and other European countries, including the UK, it will only be a matter of time before they “take back control” of all non-white immigrants, including the South Asians, settled here for over 80 years, by creating conditions for them to return back to their ancestral countries of origin!

This is not unthinkable!

This is what ‘taking back control’ really means which they could not do whilst remaining in the EU!

So, if there is another referendum or a general election next year, beware of choosing your bedfellows unwisely.

You only have these choices once in a lifetime!



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