Meedi Mydi Media Mo

Meedi Mydi Media Mo
I scour the pages of friends and foe
Night and day, a restless soul
I cascade into a virtual hole 
Betwixt my Egyptian sheets
My body aches, my eyes bulge 
Fingers scaling, skin peeling
My head vibrates, ping pong po  

I voyageur into a universe of unknowns
A world of pixels, a dream of fictions
I swipe away, I tick tock toe
I eagerly consume the tales of joy
I make believe, my mind my corpse 
Rot tot tot, I slowly age, I cry alone 
Its echoes heard across the memes
Forever impaled on Insta’s feed! 

Reiss Haidar

Clearly, I’m not talking about myself, but I’ve noticed an inordinate amount of people are hooked on social media, the most understated of addictions. Some social media apps are as bad as being hooked to cocaine or heroin. People are now living their lives online, comparing themselves to others, being triggered by posts and pictures, eagerly consuming fictions and fantasies. This is not going to end well, it is arresting the intellectual development of young people to have normal experiences and relationships. It is no way to achieve wellbeing in our lives. We need to go back to the old days, when friends were real, and I mean that literally – when they were actual living beings, and not virtual persons evolving through pixels.

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Equality & Human Rights Campaigner, Researcher, Content Copywriter and Traveller. Blogger at Portmir Foundation. Liberal by values, a centrist of sorts, opposed to authoritarianism – States must exist for the welfare of people, all of them, whatever their beliefs or lifestyles. People are not “things” to be owned, exploited, manipulated and casually ignored. Political propaganda is not history, ethnicity, geography or religion.

I love languages and cultures – want to study as many as I can; proficient in some. Opposed to social and political injustice anywhere in the world.

I believe ‘life’ is a work in progress, nothing is fixed even our thoughts! Feel free to contact me – always prepared to widen my intellectual horizons and stand corrected – don’t insult me though. Be grown up. Tell me why you think I’m wrong. If you make sense, I’ll change my views.

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