I’m all for animal rights, but then there’s two issues we need to consider when contemplating the idea of the ‘Chinese’ eating dogs, (and I don’t like the idea of anyone eating dogs by the way);

1) If the issue for you is the ‘horror’ of eating dogs, then you’re just imposing what you think is culturally acceptable onto others. The ‘Chinese Festival’ – when they’re supposedly eating loads of dogs – occurs only once a year in Yulin, and it’s not even a widespread practise in China.

2) If the issue for you is really about animal rights and the welfare of animals, then that’s heartwarming. Yup, we should be concerned about it, absolutely! But, shouldn’t we start at home?

With our intensively farmed animals in the UK; these animals are being ‘abused’, ‘violated’ and ‘slaughtered’ inhumanely. But in the UK it’s behind closed doors – “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND” – the produce nicely presented in our local Waitrose’s’, Asda’s, and the big chains.

So the next time you point your finger, and impose your beliefs onto others, because you’re somehow more morally upright, perhaps it’s wiser, and more appropriate for you to point your finger closer to home.

You might actually make a difference.


Food for thought!?


  1. So eating dogs for you has the same moral equivalence to eating chickens? There is a difference, dogs have been domesticated over many years, and so they’ve become man’s best friend for a reason – so there is a huge difference. You guys and your moral relativity – its shocking!


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