71 years later, Commander Farooq, and Dr Karan Singh, grandson of the last Dogra Jamwal Rajput ruler of Jammu & Kashmir, will meet in Mong, auspices of the people of “Azad” Jammu Kashmir. This act of reconciliation will surely move us towards reconciliation in the State of Jammu Kashmir for the benefit of all her peoples. The two personalities aforementioned will both play a key role and we suggest that our neighbouring states not interfere in this process. Please watch the whole video for an explanation. The martyr Naeem Butt is proving to be more than a trigger for peace.

#AJKMagayAzadi #ajk 

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Our time has come to transition from ‘subjects’ to ‘citizens’!
Working all hours to develop civil society in ‘A’zad Jammu & Kashmir.
“A solution to Jammu & Kashmir’s unresolved status can only be executed if the citizens of the territory create a solution without external interference” – Tanveer Ahmed.

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