Reclaiming AJK For Her People [Video Segment]


EXCERPT from “The Evolution of AJK Public Agency”

“Before arriving here, I can confidently assert that I was neither a patriot, nor a nationalist or even a democrat. I was a journalist working in various conflict hotspots around the globe (Iraq and Afghanistan), had regular access to the corridors of power in Westminster and Whitehall while visualising a clear path to fame and fortune, despite it being laced with danger and dispute. As a Muslim exploring my faith as much as examining the concerns of a minority Muslim community in Britain; grappling with the spectre of terrorism, I was extremely sceptical about democracy and having any deep affiliation with any piece of land, East or West.

I could be described as all three now though I operate strictly as a democrat fuelled by patriotism but am heavily restricted structurally by a mixture of Indian and Pakistani nationalism.

It was felt that this journey to self-recognition should be reflected in my actions through un-interrupted presence here and utilisation of local resources; in the shape of the natural environment as well as human capital in the shape of my co-citizens residing here or in the diaspora. Thus, social/institutional experimentation took the following route over time”

Tanveer Ahmed

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Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” – United Nations 

Read “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

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Born in Sehnsa, Kotli, Azad Jammu Kashmir, but taken to the United Kingdom in 1976 at the age of 4. Returned indefinitely at the age of 33, though had originally only come for a month! I’m most interested in assisting my co-citizens (of AJK in particular and Jammu Kashmir in general) transition from meek but thoughtful ‘subjects’ of the former Dogra Empire to confident and competitive ‘citizens’ in a globally inter-connected world. Most of my time here is spent in researching public opinion, measuring our economy, logging human rights’ cases and developing a 200 year historical timeline for Jammu & Kashmir, while actively working to develop civil society via public agency, in collaboration with my co-citizens wherever they may reside.

“A solution to Jammu & Kashmir’s unresolved status can only be executed if the citizens of the territory create that solution without external interference”

Tanveer Ahmed.

Okay, now the official bit… My opinions are not necessarily those of the Portmir Foundation; the Foundation does not do censorship and neither does it endorse my opinions; if you disagree with any of us and you’re from our background, write your own opinion piece and we’ll publish it –


  1. Tanveer

    Have you been on social media recently? Their accounts have gone into over-drive, love for the army is being pushed very hard by their propaganda accounts, as people criticise Pakistan’s silence on China’s brutality of the turkic Muslims in Turkistan, Xinjiang region, and adjoining areas. Lot’s of Pakistanis are asking why is Pakistan silent on this crime? Imran Khan was quick to condemn the cartoon competition in “Europe”, the “West”, but why is he quite on the persecution of Muslims in North West China as reported in the Muslim press across the world?

    Pakistan claims to love the Turks but what about their turkic cousins in China? Oh wait they’ve become a minority in their own homeland. I wonder how this happened? Aren’t the Gilgit Baltistan Shia a minority in their own homeland now, who is changing the demography? Are these people good people, moral people, or bad people, with agendas?


    If the Pakistan ARMY cant solve AJK’S problem, as their writ runs supreme in AJK – HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS CONSTANTLY WRITE ABOUT THIS, what good are they to us as they drive expensive jeeps and live in their own gated communities in Pakistan? They want us to blame the politicians but never have the finger pointed at them; who is violating the rights of the activists in AJK? There are some really good publications on how Pakistan Army owns Pakistan economy and everything of value. Reading lists need to be included on this site. The writers are saying we need to stop blaming the corrupt politicians but turn our real focus on the army. Even the Americans have stopped funding their rogue client give how duplicitous this client is – Pakistan is an unequal society where the Army TOP BRASS sit at the top of an unjust social hierarchy. Even the poor soldiers are excluded. Most of those soldiers come from the Pothohar Uplands – so much for “Punjabi” love.

    So they have to condition people in Pakistan to love the army, because sooner or later, Pakistanis are going to start asking questions about the burden BEHIND THE PAK FAUJ that doesn’t care for ordinary people, they need Kashmir to scare everyone about the big bad bully in India.

    The proof is in the pudding, if Pakistan cared for Kashmir, its Kashmiris would not be maltreated in its own held-Jammu & Kashmir. And everyone with a shred of intellectual integrity, people who are not afraid to offend their own people because of the truth, know life is much harder for poor people in AJK than in the rest of Pakistan because of unjust policies. So these insincere people have to resort to praising the diaspora as if they created this situation for the prosperous “Mirpuris” who they insult in the UK because of the lack of genuine Pakistani fraternity. All they did was flood Mirpur and create a Dam for their own benefit; AND SIPHONED OFF THE REMITTENCES AS REPORTED IN NUMEROUS BOOKS.

    They literally have done NOTHING for Mirpur. NOTHING. The propaganda machine promised an AIRPORT AND HAVE NEVER DELIVERED. This is how they perceive Mirpuris, as idiots who fall for their bait. THEY USE THE FUNDS OUR PEOPLE DEPOSIT IN PAKISTANI BANKS IN PLACES LIKE LAHORE AND KARACHI. READ, READ, READ, This information is out there!!!! Writers mention these ironies, not us, who are reading these passages!!!

    And they want to insult us in the UK?

    It seems the Pakistanis want the rest of us, especially the AJK-based diaspora in the UK to think everything is great and rosy in Mirpur and the rest of so-called Azad Jammu Kashmir, and if there are issues its about electricity, or corruption but not about any identity rooted in “Kashmiriyat” – a fact of history, yes “Kashmiriyat” existed in history as resistance against an unjust State. They want to disconnect us from Jammu & Kashmir through ridiculous ethnic arguments, they want to demean us, insult and slur us, because this material is suggestive.

    Make them feel so crap about themselves then they wont want to connect with their actual homeland in Jammu & Kashmir! Let’s make them hate everything about their own backgrounds, so they won’t want to connect with their own people in AJK. They’ll even use caste to divide people, because they have no political arguments whatsoever!!! THEY HAVE NO POLITICAL ARGUMENTS. This is why they resort to these DIRTY tactics. THEY HAVE NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THEIR UNJUST OCCUPATION OF SO-CALLED AZAD JAMMU KASHMIR. Very bizarre behaviour indeed, as they love to celebrate their own ethnic diversity as 1/2 left in 1972 given the OPPRESSION – THEY NEVER LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES. Oh let’s not forget the Ahmedis, a group DEMONISED by the Pakistani State – this is the Pakistan our flag-waving PATRIOTS IN UK want to support unwittingly, quite a few now feel embarrassed and let down.

    How would you counteract their falsehoods, their propaganda, their disinformation? Do people in AJK want to remain part of Pakistan or become independent?

    How would you frame their attempts to maintain their exploitation of the silent majority?

    I managed to read your post and survey from beginning to end and it makes a lot more sense. It’s self-evident; the claims speak for themselves. The movement for economic and political empowerment needs to be indigenous and everyone needs to be involved in it. I’m routing for you.

    I think Portmir should start inviting activists from the various movements to contribute their voice to what is happening so we can explain to the diaspora how a big problem the Pakistani State has become for so-called Azad Jammu Kashmir.

  2. Thank you Myra for your insightful comments. It is rare to find someone born and brought up in the UK – as I presume you were – to espouse such insight into the workings of the Pakistani State and their far from benign approach.

    I think it can be safely assumed that while most of the inhabitants of AJK are aware of Pakistan’s self-serving role in Jammu & Kashmir, it appears that the majority of our diaspora are unaware or at times even ignorant of this poisonous relationship, which relies on Muslim brotherhood to conceal its dark nature. Perhaps a major factor apart from us Muslims being ‘nurtured’ to cry aloud whenever we hear of non-Muslims violating the rights of Muslims yet remain silent when Muslims are violating the rights of other Muslims: those of us in the diaspora do not witness – on a daily basis – the un-natural and un-even manner in which Pakistan controls governance in AJK. The ‘prime minister’ of AJK has a status less than that of a peon in Pakistan.

    Much work needs to be done in the diaspora – especially in the UK – to address this dilemma which is ultimately enslaving the territory of AJK, more and more intensely with each passing day.

    The reading list is also a fantastic idea and I hope Portmir will adopt this suggestion of yours in due course.

    As for a book on the Pakistani military’s role in Pakistan’s economy: one should not forget to read Ayesha Siddiqa’s ‘Military Inc’.


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