WEBMIR is Portmir Foundation's online Resource Portal. The first of its kind, it has been designed specifically with British Paharis (Hilltonians) in mind, addressing the whole gamut of issues, problems, concerns and anxieties that members of the community confront on a daily basis. 

Articles and research papers uploaded to Webmir are varied but relevant to the lived realities of the community. There are no ‘taboo’ subjects and readers of leisure or academic researchers will have at their fingertips a wealth of information to help them navigate the ongoing crucibles that unfortunately characterise the community's social and intellectual stagnation. These issues hitherto have been ignored by the community's imposed and increasingly inept leadership, whether political or religious.

A large number of journalistic articles and academic papers have been uploaded onto Webmir through our 'Fair Use Policy' subject to obtaining the requisite permissions from their authors. Where localised incidents of social malfeasance are reported through journalistic peices, we also include academic papers from both celebrated academics and less known contributors to help our readers better understand the nature of the issues in question. We have similarly included government-commissioned reports in areas relevant to our own concerns in the hope of stimulating a better understanding of the issues confronting us.  

No social or religious issue is off-bounds. We make no excuses and offer no apologies for the content of information uploaded to Webmir although we may not personally or organisationally subscribe to such views. We believe in exposing members of our community to 'diversity of thought', to fresh ways of thinking that would help engender a balanced community at peace within the multicultural setting of the UK. To achieve this we must understand the nature of democratic systems and electoral politics. We must also understand, critique and challenge totalitarian and repressive viewpoints that encourage and 'demand' by way of religious dictum our marginalisation onto the fringes of mainstream society. Far right movements, whether of a nationalistic bent or otherwise, that seek to blame ethnic minorities and immigrants in the UK for Britain's socioeconomic problems, of which some are becoming increasingly violent, must also be challanged in a similar manner.

We do not believe in intellectual censorship although we are opposed to all forms of 'hate speech' camouflaged under the guise of freedom of expression. We are not in the business of offending people's sensibilities for the sake of offence but neither do we shy away from intellectual positions simply because they are deemed 'offensive' by some.   

Webmir has been designed with budding 'social activists' in mind, individuals and groups who are prepared to challenge inequities and injustices in their own communities. The Hilltonian community in the UK is beset by a number of social problems particularly in the form of structural gender imbalances. Numerous social ills whether in the form of domestic violence or child abuse in Mosques and Community Centres are routinely brushed under the carpet and our community leadership courted by political parties are often times complicit in the 'cover-ups'. For a very long time this has meant that our communities wherever they are in the UK are impotent to address their problems, creating 'ghettoised' cultures where bigots prevail and patriarchy remains entrenched. Through Webmir we hope to make such realities a thing of the past and imbue our communities with 'values' enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We therefore strongly encourage our users to write about their community's social problems with a view of raising an awareness of them. This will enable others to engage with similar problems, think about possible solutions, and develop ways of working together for the common good of everyone.  If you would like to contribute in this way, please send statements of interest to editor@portmir.org.uk.


Some Selected Themes


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3. Editor's Choice              4The South Asian Diaspora


To compliment Webmir, Portmir Foundation will be trialing a free book service, initially operating in the Birmingham area where a wide range of selected books will be made available to members of the public through our website and designated outlets. Through this service we hope to challenge, among other things, the hegemony of Saudi Arabia via its 'Ministry for Religious Affairs' in its dissemination of 'Wahhabism' in Muslim communities throughout the world. Our own communities have seen the spread of Wahhabism among impressionable young Muslims. The consequences of this phenomenon have been largely catastrophic, imbuing in their adherents attitudes that not only undermine community relations but also call into question the 'faith' of their Muslim peers. The Saudi State has funded the publication of Wahhabi propagandist literature on a vast scale and subsidised publishing houses throughout the Muslim and non-Muslim world. The prospect of subsidised literature for Muslims booksellers has proven extremely attractive and numerous retail outlets stock literature that otherwise would have been restricted to a small circulation. Our free online book service will seek to challenge this hegemony with literature of a much higher quality, offering critical insights and understandings that contextualise normative Islam in the West. This complimentary service is vital to the ethos of Webmir given the Muslim beliefs of our communities in the UK.

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