Domestic Violence

More than half of the women suffering from domestic violence do not understand what constitutes domestic violence, domestic violence has reached to a level that two women are killed by current or former husbands and partners every week in England.

This shocking discovery was cited by a report by Avon UK's research. Report mentioned that awareness of the issue is shockingly low. It said that 2,000 women revealed a lack of understanding about what domestic violence is, with more than half of women saying they either disagreed or did not know if excessive jealousy counted as domestic violence. Women surveyed were aged between 16 to 55 years.

Alesha Dixon, Avon's beauty and empowerment ambassador, said that one in four women, which include Asian women too, will experience domestic violence in their lives, making it the single biggest issue that will affect young girls. She said that the government needs to invest in law making practice so that domestic violence  receive the same level of attention as other high-profile issues such as drink-driving.

‘Women Aid ‘and ‘Refuge’ charities also stressed on the need for constituting tougher laws against domestic violence.

The survey said that 16 to 18-year-olds were unsure if pressure from a partner to have sex or do other sexual things constituted domestic violence, some of them did not think or were unsure if slapping or hitting was a sign of domestic violence.

Early half either disagreed or did not know if going through a female partner's private electronic messages counted as domestic violence. Just over half either disagreed (or did not know whether a partner making all the monetary decisions was domestic violence.

Yet more than half of the women surveyed said "they knew or suspected that someone in their life had experienced domestic violence, and two women are killed by current or former partners every week in England and Wales."

Sandra Horley, chief executive of Refuge, said that the Government needs to invest in powerful awareness-raising campaigns to change the attitudes that allow violence. She said that it is essential that unhealthy attitudes and beliefs about violence against women in all professional and public spheres are challenged and addressed too. She added that changing social attitudes is the very root of preventing and ending domestic violence.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Women's Aid, said that it is terrifying that many young women do not know where to get help if they are experiencing domestic violence.

Furthermore, British Asians harbor a large number of domestic violence cases within their communities, and people working against domestic violence cite that Asian especially Pakistani and Bangladeshi women don’t report domestic violence to police. Other than that these women don’t classify slapping or beating up on petty issues as domestic violence and rather ignores it than report it. However, people belonging to human right sources claim that domestic violence within Asian communities is slightly different as women are also killed in the name of “honour”. In this regard Shafila murder case cites as a significant example whose parents were sentenced to 30 years jail term for murdering their daughter in the name of “honour.”


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