Corporate Values

We believe that as a voluntary sector organisation committed to the objects of our governing document, it is vital that we critically foster an organisational culture imbued with strong democratic values. To do this we must have a profound respect for constitutionalism and good governance practise; an abiding integrity to remain true to the democratic principles that underpin our organisation whilst being predisposed to the natural talents, divergent skillsets and cultivated expertise of our associated members. We aim to become an organisation rooted in strong principles, guided by our ‘Core Values’ of ‘transparency’, ‘accountability’ and ‘inclusivity’.

In addition to subscribing to a range of positive values that would underpin the democratic workings of our organisation, some of which are mentioned above, the Portmir Foundation has designated three core values it hopes to inculcate at its very heart, in both strategic and operational planning. These are values that are much vaunted by an array of organisations committed to good governance practises but seldom translate into working realities as they affect some of our own community organisations. We thus pride ourselves on our core values of 'Transparency', 'Accountability' and 'Inclusivity'.

So what do we exactly mean by these 3 core values?

Transparency; the Portmir Foundation at all times will be transparent in its dealings with its stakeholders and beneficiaries; all funds obtained to date will be regularly advertised through communicative outputs of the organisation; all services rendered (from development to execution) must be free of bias and vested interests and be seen to be free of any considerations not conducive to the democratic principles that underpin the organisation. Governance and other policies of the Portmir Foundation must be devised in a transparent manner that ensures proper scrutiny.  

Accountability; the Portmir Foundation must always be accountable and seen to be accountable to its stakeholders and beneficiaries; where funds are procured for the furtherance of the Foundation’s constitutional Objects, it must be deployed in an accountable manner to ensure 'good value for money' and obvert wastefulness, both of which must be and be seen to be in the furtherance of the Foundation’s constitutional Objects. 

Inclusivity; the Portmir Foundation at all times must devise policies and strategies that facilitate an organisational culture that incorporates the input of its associated Members and members of its beneficiary communities in the provision and accessibility of the Foundation’s services; discriminatory practises (deemed so, or otherwise) that deny or seek to circumvent the input of associated members on the basis of the latters’ beliefs or lifestyle choices must be rejected. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights must underpin our organisation's ethos and working realities.

Organisational Propriety


Our ‘Core Values’ have been devised whilst mindful of the general undemocratic malaise that has become a feature of some organisations operating within our local communities with explicitly stated 'charitable-goals'. Symptomatic of the structural problems that beset undemocratic societies, these organisations expose a huge gulf between 'trustees' and their beneficiary communities. Corruption and nepotism rule the roost despite the fact that much of the organisation’s funds are jointly procured through charity funding and community largess. There is little regard for any sort of organisational propriety, and often times they are staffed by individuals who care little for their organisation's stated goals.

It should not therefore come as a surprise to learn that these organisations are managed and staffed almost entirely by males drawn from the same family or extended clan-networks. Even when more suitably qualified individuals exist (males or females) outside the familial circles of the committee members, they are excluded from participating in what can only be deemed organisations entrenched with a patriarchal and self-perpetuating culture.

The Portmir Foundation will attempt to show members of our own communities that proper governance based on democratic values will yield massive dividends for those we seek to help. We will attempt to demonstrate to our beneficiary communities that creating an inclusive and 'open' culture that is outcome-driven will help harness an environment that actively promotes community empowerment and civic engagement, where the real winners will be the very people we seek to help.

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