• Who will win the fight against fundamentalism in Pakistan?

    Posted by Administrator on 10/04/2013

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    "The truth is that that the West's best ally against fundamentalism and extremism in Pakistan is not, and never was, that country's incorrigibly double-dealing military (1) and intelligence establishment (1), (1,2,3,4,5,6, 7, 8), but rather civil society and pro-democracy forces that Musharraf fought to suppress".

    "Civil society activism that the lawyer's movement has been leading draws professionals, merchants, students, and political activists of all persuasions, as well as common folk. There is ample evidence that what is true of the rising middle class elsewhere in the Middle East is true of Pakistan as well: that given the chance to pursue business growth without stifling government control, a capitalist flourising will follow, and a thriving middle class will serve as the impetus for moderation and democracy". ...Religious or secular, the growing Pakistani middle class has been overwhelmingly pro-democracy and pro-free enterprise." Forces of Fortune; the rise of the new Muslim Middle Class and what it will mean for our our world by Vali Nasr.

    How correct is Vali Nasr in his assessment of Pakistan's 'fight back' against the forces of fundamentalism; should we put our faith in its military or its emerging Middle Class? Or has corruption simply made Pakistan an unteneble reality?

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