• The fallacy of 'race'; The Pakistani/Mirpuri scenario

    Posted by Administrator on 07/04/2013

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    "'Race' is a fiction that we turn into a social reality every day of our lives. It lies at the heart of the complex, historical and multifaceted sets of social relationships to which we attach the label 'racism'. This is a historical process, a set of ideas and a set of outcomes (benefits for some, disadvantages for others). This can be anything from a promotion ahead of someone else who is just as good at what they do as you are, to being hunted like an animal and dying a protracted and painful death at the hands of someone who thinks 'race' is so real it authorises your murder with impunity. 

    The forms in which these social relationships play out are so diverse that I think 'racism' is too small a word to contain them, hence my choice of a plural in the title. If you are interested in struggling against racism, you have to be interested in more than just 'race'. You must also be a student of gender, class, nation states, culture, history and science... racism is a complicated part of the social world, rather than an aberration of individuals." Racism, an Introduction by Steve Garner.

    We pose the following consideration?

    How does the current sensibilities of mainstream Pakistani communities towards Mirpuris in the UK draw its influence from the 'multifaceted sets of social relationships' that have evolved since the establishment of Pakistan and its control of Pakistan-administered-Kashmir? Mirpuris have been subjected to a form of racism from their urban Pakistani detractors but how do we understand the nature of this relationship from within the above theoretical considerations.

    Please discuss the issues within the limits of proper comportment; extending respect and courtesy to those whose views you may not necessarily agree with. Offensive and hate-filled comments (normally reflective of intellectually-challenged people) will be deleted.

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