• Definitional 'India', a flawed epistemology perhaps? Does that impact a 'Pahari' sense of self?

    Posted by Administrator on 09/03/2013

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    ""India" does not comprise a pre-existent stage, framed by mountains and oceans, on which the events of history play out. It is not a "theatre" of its own design," to use Paul Carter's phrase. It is instead a creation of historical events and processes. It is, like all other regions to which we ascribe some meaning, the product of spatial history. To believe otherwise requires intellectual convolutions. B. B. Misra has stated, for example, that although it is "a unified geographical category equipped with national frontiers, the Indian subcontinent has hardly ever been a single, integrated political entity." The geographical unity of India is, in short, a creation of the British mapping of their Empire." Mapping an Empire; The geographical construction of British India, 1765 - 1843 by Matthew H. Edney

    We pose the following consideration.

    In conceiving a 'Pahari' identity that is rooted within the territorial limits of an ethnolinguistic space that is nonetheless contexualised within that phenomenon we call "India", how would the above observation impact the antecedent consideration? After all the attempt itself has been motivated by considerations of Identity-Politics, or has it?

    Would this be a fair assessment of the facts?

    Please discuss the issues within the limits of proper comportment; extending respect and courtesy to those whose views you may not necessarily agree with. Offensive and hate-filled comments (normally reflective of intellectually-challenged people) will be deleted.

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    • Ayman On 31/10/2013

      We need a Pahari Independent state!

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