• The modern Mullahs; are they a hindrance?

    Posted by Administrator on 07/03/2013

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    "The spirituality of the modern Mullahs is a bankrupt institution; where they succeed is in transporting people back to the age of the wheel and cart. Their congregations are taught that virtue lies in adhering to the norms and mores of ancient people. They create cocoons of abstract justice where women are temptresses, morally challenged, intellectually stifled and sexually deviant; to be hushed into the hallowed space of the home so that the rest of mankind is safe from their sexual advances. They teach that non-Muslims are belligerent, evil and disloyal within the context of a triumphant Islam battling the heathen forces of crusading Christians. They surmise on the basis of legal paradigms that owe much to the suppositions of ancient jurists than the literal purport of scriptural texts that Muslim women and non-Muslim males have semi-legal personalities on a downward scale in Islamic criminal law, their testimonies barred in Muslim courts of law; 'women' as the unfaltering logic goes are feeble in memory and non-Muslims are feeble in character. This highly nuanced way of looking at the world is the very rationale and modus operandi behind many legal rulings that give Islamic law (fiqh) or the very human enterprise of codifying the Divine Law) its edifying structures and where the Muslim clergy sit strategically at the helm of a hierarchy postulated on structural inequalities that ultimately has no place in an open, free and liberal society." 

    We pose the following consideration.

    Unfortunately for Muslims in the UK and inadvertently community-relations, Mirpuri communities and others of a Muslim background continue to extend to the Mullahs and their cohorts (a newer generation of British-born Mullahs) platforms to religiously define and socially determine the normative practises of Muslims vis-a-vis the State. Aside from their mediocrity in their mastery of the Islamic scholastic disciplines (which pales in comparson with their forebears) ordinarily employed to navigate the complex determinations of their respective juristic schools they are also woefully ignorant of the philosophical traditions of the European Enlightenment (both as an intellectual movement and a historical epoch) that has given primacy to human rights, liberties and equality as important frames of reference in a secular universe of meaning. They are unable to offer real religious guidance to contemporary Muslim communities settling in Europe or North America in direct congruence with the socio-economic and political realities that they are confronting on a daily basis. They continue to teach their students archaic legal rulings summarised in rudimentary texts originally designed for rote learning and memorisation that have no relevance to the modern social setting that Muslims find themselves in. There is no doubt (with no sarcasm intended) that rodents falling in wells or the correct treatment of slaves amongst a litany of other ancient considerations had been a pressing priority for Muslims living in feudal societies but it has no significance for Muslims who seek rapprochement with a modern world that seems to be imploding onto itself."

    Would this be an accurate assessment of our current condition in the UK?

    Please discuss the issues within the limits of proper comportment; extending respect and courtesy to those whose views you may not necessarily agree with. Offensive and hate-filled comments (normally reflective of intellectually-challenged people) will be deleted.

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