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The Problem of Pakistan

Defeating the insurgency not only in tactical terms, but by eliminating its control and influence over the population.

  • Creating an effective and well-resourced NATO/ISAF and US response to defeating the insurgency and securing the population.
  • Building up a much larger and more effective (and enduring base for transition) mix of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).
  • Giving the Afghan government the necessary capacity and legitimacy (and lasting stability)at the national, regional/provincial, district, and local levels.
  • Creating an effective, integrated, and truly operational civil and civil-military effort. NATO/ISAF, UN, member country, and NGO and international community efforts.
  • Dealing with Pakistan both in the NWFP and as a potential failed state. Finding stable relations in India, Iran, “Stans,” Russia, and China
  • Making effective trade-offs with other US domestic and security interests

Authored by Anthony H. Cordesman and Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy

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