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Population and Human Settlement Characteristics of Potohar Region of Punjab

This study inquires into growth trend, distribution patterns, and characteristics of human population and settlements in the Potohar region of the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The study attempts to explore and analyse the path taken by the human population and human settlement in the study area in the oast especially in the post 1881 period, the determinants of their growth and distribution patterns, and the perspective scenario in these respects in the near future, and their implications for urban planning, human settlement, and overall development policy. 

The study's hypotheses were:

  • The obtaining pattern of distribution-largely, uneven, of population in Potohar Region is attributable to a host of factors-geographic, historical, cultural, environmental and socio-economic factor is the most important one.
  • The location pattern of human settlement is primarily determined by geographical factor and governmental policy intervention. 
  • The urban centers have grown primarily by pull factors, reinforced by bro-urban biased governmental policies in the material provision of social services and economic infrastructure. 

Authored by Najaf Ali

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