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Pakistan Military Operation And Human Rights Violations in Balochistan

Balochistan is going through its critical phase of history, this is the fifth time that Pakistan Military rulers are suppressing the political voice of innocent people of Balochistan through Fighter Jets, Gunship helicopters, Heavy Artillery and Military hard wares.

Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest and natural resource rich province and yet the least developed. The people of the province have historically seen the riches of their land exploited not for their benefit but for that of the dominant province of Punjab. The practice continues today.

Whenever the people of Balochistan have raised their voice demanding their just rights, including the utilization of the province’s resources for their welfare, their voices have been stifled by the military might of the state of Pakistan. Baloch history since the creation of Pakistan is replete with instances of the tanks and gunship helicopter and fighter jets deployed by the aggressive Pakistan’s army against the innocent masses of Balochistan.

In Balochistan people have been subjected to severe human rights violations ranging from disappearances, torture, killings, illegal detainment and arrests of civil and political activists. In addition, intelligence agencies have created an environment of fear, insecurity in the region, and several political activists and members of political parties including parliamentarians have been subjected to denial of access, freedom of speech and movement against those opposing the exploitation of resources, killing of civilians and military operation in the region. Eventually, the Baloch Political leaders and elected Parliamentarians have been denied freedom of movement, and their names have been placed on Exist Control list (ECL) by the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan (Annex A lists the names of members on ECL).

Authored by Balochistan National Party

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