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Involving Children

Involving Children

Participation is more than just asking children for their ideas and views. It’s about listening to them, taking them seriously and turning their ideas and suggestions into reality.

Involving children in decision-making means they can influence some of the things that affect them, and offer a different perspective from adults. It helps adults understand children’s issues, helps make sure policies and services are in tune with children’s needs, and acknowledges children’s important role in society. It also helps children and young people to gain new skills and knowledge and build their confidence in other processes, including democracy.

This is a practical guide for organisations, government departments, community groups and individuals who want to engage children up to the age of 18 in effective decision-making. The Ministry of Youth Affairs has developed a companion guide, called Youth Development Participation Guide: “Keepin’ It Real”, on how to increase youth participation in policy development, programmes, services and organisations. We hope you’ll use both publications when you and your organisation are involving children and young people in decision-making.

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