The South-Asian Diaspora

  • Another Incarnation

    Another Incarnation

    Reviewing Doniger's "The Hindu; An Alternative History" Visiting India in 1921, E. M. Forster witnessed the eight-day celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday. This first encounter with devo...

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  • Pakistan's Cousin Marriages

    Pakistan's Cousin Marriages

    Consanguineous Marriages in Pakistan EXCERPT "In societies where marriage is nearly universal, and the fertility process is almost entirely through marital union, the factors associated with the oc...

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  • Conspiracy-mania


    Pakistan's Conspiracy Industry: In a country that can boast of few achievements in improving the lot of its own people, legitimate criticisms tend to be conflated with illegitimate ones. After all...

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  • Pakistan's Weak State

    Pakistan's Weak State

    Corruption in Pakistan Corruption remains a substantial obstacle for Pakistan where it is still perceived to be widespread and systemic. Petty corruption in the form of bribery is prevalent in law ...

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  • Pakistan's Rationale

    Pakistan's Rationale

    The Two-Nation Theory For Jinnah and the Muslim League, the Two Nation Theory was not an ideological position etched in stone. It was the restatement of the arguments needed to ensure national status...

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    Rumours of a Riot It started with a claim that a young black woman had been raped in a shop - and e...
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  • Trash-Attacks
    Vilification of the (British) Mirpuri Community; Online Samples; (reader discretion advisable)...
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  • Community Leaders
    Time to Democratise our "Leaders" Walk into any local Labour Party branch meeting, in any one of ...
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