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  • Deradicalisation Possible?

    Deradicalisation Possible?

    Muslims in a Secular Society Is the Deradicalisation of Islamist Extremists Possible? EXCERPT "The aim of this research is to discover whether the deradicalisation of violent Islamist extremists i...

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  • Global Terrorism

    Global Terrorism

    Wahhabism; is it a factor in the spread of Global Terrorism? Saudi Arabia and the United States (U.S.) have had a long-standing political, economic and military alliance in the Middle East since th...

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  • Islam in Europe

    Islam in Europe

    European Islam; the return of Hagar "Abraham casts out Hagar with Ishmael, at the behest of Sarah." In his middle years, Rembrandt conceived a fascination for the Biblical account of the expulsi...

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  • The Wahhabi Threat

    The Wahhabi Threat

    Saudi Arabia and the Rise of the Wahhabi Threat Stephen Schwartz is a senior policy analyst with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies based in Washington, DC. As a journalist, he covered the...

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  • Hatred of Islam is Stupid

    Hatred of Islam is Stupid

    Why Hatred of Islam Is Not Logical "Do the actions of Muslim extremists speak for an entire population?" Time and again, the same illogical claims about Islam keep popping up from various people...

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  • Trash-Attacks
    Vilification of the (British) Mirpuri Community; Online Samples; (reader discretion advisable)...
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  • Community Leaders
    Time to Democratise our "Leaders" Walk into any local Labour Party branch meeting, in any one of ...
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