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British-Pakistani men from Bradford: Linking narratives to policy

This report sheds light on the experiences of Bradford-born Pakistani men.

Muslims comprise the UK’s largest religious minority, and are the object of analysis and concern within various policy arenas and popular debates, including immigration, marriage and partner selection, social cohesion and integration. This study gathered insights, experiences and narratives from 25 men aged 16 to 38 that shed light on being a Bradfordian of Pakistani and Muslim heritage. It also highlights the policy context surrounding the men’s attitudes toward various facets of their lives, including marriage, family, work, the city in general, and the neighbourhood in which they live. While there was some generational continuity of cultural values and norms, significant changes also appeared to be taking place.

The report will be of interest to a wide ranging audience including local and national policy makers, academics and students as well as politicians and those who work in the community

Authored by M. Y. Alam and Charles Husband

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