• Wife-Beatings 'Sharia' Style

    Wife-Beatings 'Sharia' Style

    Upholding Muslim Men’s Right to Beat Their Wives UAE Official Tries to Explain Court Ruling  A top judicial official in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday tried to allay concerns rai...

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  • Dangers of Cousin Marriages

    Dangers of Cousin Marriages

    Consanguineous Marriages among British Muslims "First cousin marriages in Muslim communities are putting hundreds of children at risk" The man wept as he told how his beautiful, dark-eyed child ...

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  • Jihad & Islamic War

    Jihad & Islamic War

    Jihad and the "Islamic"  Law of War EXCERPT "What is the Islamic law of war and peace? This crucial question underlies all discussion of jihad, perhaps the most misrepresented of ideas in ...

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  • Islam in the UK

    Islam in the UK

    Cultural Investment is the Way Forward "Shaikh Abdul Hakim Murad was voted Britain’s most influential Muslim by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan." For a man who is appa...

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  • Muslim Women's Issues

    Muslim Women's Issues

    Rethinking Women's Issues in Muslim Communities EXCERPT "The issues facing the majority of Muslim women around the world today are those facing the majority of women everywhere: poverty, illiter...

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