• Azad or 'Azab' Kashmir?

    Azad or 'Azab' Kashmir?

    The Untold Story of the People of Azad Kashmir  "This is not Azad Kashmir. For us, it is azab Kashmir", a refuge from Indian-occupied Kashmir now living in one of the 30 camps in Pakistan...

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  • Pakistan's Media Machinery

    Pakistan's Media Machinery

    Challenges for Independent News Media in Pakistan "Pakistan’s media are a prism through which its citizens view America and the world. It is particularly troubling when inflammatory conspira...

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  • Israeli Christian Arabs

    Israeli Christian Arabs

    Christian 'Arabs' wrestle with Israeli identity In a June 5 article for Al-Monitor, “Israeli army tries to lure Arab Christian recruits,” my colleague Botrus Mansour analyzed why the ...

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  • Pakistan's Jugular Vein

    Pakistan's Jugular Vein

    Pakistan's "Official" Position on the Kashmir Conflict In its Own Words; Government of Pakistan 2009 "Pakistan 's principled position on Jammu and Kashmir is based on the UN Security Council...

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  • Transnational Marriages

    Transnational Marriages

    The Demographic Impact Of ‘Transnational Marriage’ Between citizens of the UK & the Indian Subcontinent EXCERPT "It is estimated that 49% of all males and 32% of females in Britai...

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