• Community Leaders

    Community Leaders

    Time to Democratise our "Leaders" Walk into any local Labour Party branch meeting, in any one of the many densely populated Pakistani constituency wards of England and you’ll realise someth...

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  • Pakistan's Rationale

    Pakistan's Rationale

    The Two-Nation Theory For Jinnah and the Muslim League, the Two Nation Theory was not an ideological position etched in stone. It was the restatement of the arguments needed to ensure national status...

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  • An Ascendant Hindu Right

    An Ascendant Hindu Right

    Hindu nationalists are gaining power in India  - & silencing "enemies" along the way When Penguin abruptly accepted defeat in an Indian court and withdrew a controversial book...

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  • Muslim Feminism Critique

    Muslim Feminism Critique

    Islamic Feminism; Is there any such thing? A critique The question of intersectionality Introduction “Religion can contribute to a post-patriarchal world.” [1] The silence around fem...

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  • Islam and Democracy

    Islam and Democracy

    Islam and the Challenge of Democratic Commitment Dr Khaled Abu’l Fadl questions whether concurrent and simultaneous moral and normative commitments to Islam and to a democratic form of governme...

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    Muslims in a Secular Society Is the Deradicalisation of Isl...
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    Reviewing Doniger's "The Hindu; An Alternative History" ...
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