• Islam in Europe

    Islam in Europe

    European Islam; the return of Hagar "Abraham casts out Hagar with Ishmael, at the behest of Sarah." In his middle years, Rembrandt conceived a fascination for the Biblical account of the expulsi...

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  • British Mirpuri Women

    British Mirpuri Women

    Identity Formation among Pahari-Mirpuris How British Pahari Women identify themselves and form their Identity EXCERPT "This thesis examines the experiences and the attitudes of Bradford females wh...

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  • Anti-Black Racism

    Anti-Black Racism

    Confronting anti-black racism in the Arab world The Arab slave trade is a fact of history, and anti-black racism in the region is something that must be addressed. In response to an essay I wrote ...

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  • Pakistan's Cousin Marriages

    Pakistan's Cousin Marriages

    Consanguineous Marriages in Pakistan EXCERPT "In societies where marriage is nearly universal, and the fertility process is almost entirely through marital union, the factors associated with the oc...

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  • The Kashmir Issue

    The Kashmir Issue

    The Kashmir Issue: Differing Perceptions EXCERPT "For almost 60 years now, the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan has dominated security concerns on the Indian sub-continent, and fuelled weap...

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