• Personal Identity Crisis

    Personal Identity Crisis

    Are You Having an Identity Crisis? Four key ways to Identify your Identity You've undoubtedly heard the term "identity crisis," but you may not know its origins. The developmental psychologist ...

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  • Global Terrorism

    Global Terrorism

    Wahhabism; is it a factor in the spread of Global Terrorism? Saudi Arabia and the United States (U.S.) have had a long-standing political, economic and military alliance in the Middle East since th...

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  • The 'Lozells Riots'

    The 'Lozells Riots'

    Rumours of a Riot It started with a claim that a young black woman had been raped in a shop - and exploded into a race riot that left a man dead. But what was the truth behind the rumour that set Bir...

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  • The Unheard Voices

    The Unheard Voices

    Sexual Exploitation of Asian Girls & Young Women  EXCERPT "The purpose of this pilot study is to uncover the hidden experiences of Asian/Muslim girls and young women so that we may better ...

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  • National Myths

    National Myths

    Historical Truth, National Myths & Liberal Democracy: On the Coherence of Liberal Nationalism EXCERPT "When, in his famous 1882 lecture “Qu’est ce qu’une nation?”, Ern...

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