• Hindko & Gujari

    Hindko & Gujari

    Sociolinguistic Survey Of Northern Pakistan Volume 3 Hindko & Gujari The northern area of Pakistan occupies a unique position on the cultural and historical map of the world. Its cultural diversi...

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  • The Problem of Pakistan

    Defeating the insurgency not only in tactical terms, but by eliminating its control and influence over the population. Creating an effective and well-resourced NATO/ISAF and US response to defeatin...

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  • Land of

    Land of "Heathens"

    The Enclaved Culture of Parun in 'Kafiristan' EXCERPT "The former region of Kafiristan or "Land of Heathens", renamed Nuristan or "Land of Light" after its forced Islamisation at the end of t...

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  • Phonological Analysis

    Phonological Analysis

    An Introduction to Phonological Analysis EXCERPT "Phonology is a broad topic of study and currently comprises many theories, each of which requires (at least) a course and a book for adequate treat...

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  • Asoka Rock Edicts

    Asoka Rock Edicts

    The Edicts of King Asoka EXCERPT "With the rediscovery and translation of Indian literature by European scholars in the 19th century, it was not just the religion and philosophy of Buddhism that ca...

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