• Chastisement or Abuse?

    Chastisement or Abuse?

    Disciplining, Chastisement & Physical Child Abuse Perceptions & Attitudes of British Pakistani Community EXCERPT "There are a number of cross-cultural differences in people’s perspe...

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  • Pakistan's Coup Culture

    Pakistan's Coup Culture

    The Signals Soldiers Pick  When and why do soldiers stage coups d'etat? Ironically in Pakistan, which has been the scene of multiple attempts at both successful and bungled attempts at coups,...

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  • Conflict-torn Pakistan

    Conflict-torn Pakistan

    Mapping Conflict Trends in Pakistan "The Global Peace Index (GPI) positions Pakistan among the ten least peaceful countries in the world. It suggests that, since 2004, Pakistan has ranked among the ...

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  • Language & Migration

    Language & Migration

    The Social and Economic Benefits of Learning English Case Studies from Mirpur, Pakistan-administered-Kashmir   Excerpt "This (paper) constitutes part of a wider study of language testing l...

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  • Cousin-Marriages in Karachi

    Consanguineous Marriages; a Karachi Case-Study EXCERPT "Fertility rates in Pakistan have remained consistently high over the past three decades. While numerous studies have examined sociodemog...

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