• British 'Pakistani' Identities

    British 'Pakistani' Identities

    'Pakistani' Identities and Communities in the UK Achievement of British Pakistani Learners, Chapter 1 This paper is an abbreviated version of chapter 1 of The Achievement of British Pakistani Lear...

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  • British Mirpuri Men

    British Mirpuri Men

    Reflections of young British-'Pakistani' men from Bradford Joseph Rowntree Foundation; informing change Muslims are the largest single religious minority in the UK. UK Muslims are the object of an...

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  • Hard to reach parents or hard to reach schools?

    Hard to reach parents or hard to reach schools?

    In the authors’ research with Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage parents, some teachers, head teachers and other educational professionals referred to the South Asian parents as ‘hard to r...

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  • Bilingual Identities

    Bilingual Identities

    A Study of Languages and Literacies Welsh and British-Asian Girls EXCERPT "This thesis considers the role of language and literacy in supporting the exploration of bilingual identities. Two groups...

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  • Pakistani Bradfordians

    Pakistani Bradfordians

    Muslims In Bradford, UK   EXCERPT "This paper explores what is currently known about Muslims in Bradford, West Yorkshire, particularly two wards: Little Horton and Bowling and Barkerend. It...

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