• Fatwa on Terrorism

    Fatwa on Terrorism

    Who's Really Behind Tahir ul-Qadri's 500-Page Fatwa Against Terrorism and Suicide Bombings? This review of the fatwa is being written because I've heard all kinds of speculation concerning Dr....

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  • Ethnic Minorities, Health & Communication

    Ethnic Minorities, Health & Communication

    This report contains a summary of the findings of over 200 'research-based' studies in and health services delivery located within the English-language academic and practitioner-based literature r...

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  • Mirpuri Parents: Children’s Schooling

    Mirpuri Parents: Children’s Schooling

    The Opinions of Mirpuri Parents in Saltey, Birmingham, About Their Children’s Schooling EXCERPT "The issues affecting minority children and the school have been mostly discussed at governme...

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  • Diseases and Different Ethnic Groups

    Diseases and Different Ethnic Groups

      The UK boasts a culturally diverse population with ethnic minorities accounting for almost 8% of the population in the 2001 census. This represented an increase in the percentage of eth...

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  • Pakistan Connection Diasporas

    Pakistan Connection Diasporas

    What does a shop owner in Bradford have in common with a graduate from Princeton USA, a construction worker in Bahrain and a banker in the City of London? All are users of the website, a...

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