• Jullundur Vs Mirpur

    Jullundur Vs Mirpur

    Context and Consequences of Migration to the UK Jullundur (Indian Punjab) & Mirpur ('Azad' Kashmir) compared EXCERPT "Migration is a subject about which it is  easy to take a myopic v...

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  • Immigrant Integration

    Immigrant Integration

    Comparing Immigrant Integration; Britain & USA Harvard Manchester Initiative on Social Change EXCERPT "Migration is a complex global phenomenon that has grown rapidly in recent decades. The pe...

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  • Treaty Of Amritsar

    Treaty Of Amritsar

    Text of the Treaty of Amritsar The creation of the Princely State of Jammu & Kashmir EXCERPT "The British Government having demanded from the Lahore State, as indemnification for the expenses ...

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  • The View From Srinagar

    The View From Srinagar

    Kashmir; The View from Srinagar A Report by the International Crisis Group EXCERPT "Recent state elections in Jammu and Kashmir, and the loss of power by the National Conference party that has dom...

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  • Kashmir Valley; (Geography)

    Geologists believe that about ten crore (100 hundred million) years have passed when Kashmir Valley which was once a lake called Satisar, (the lake of goddess Sati), came into its present form. For h...

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