• The Legal Argument

    The Legal Argument

    Jammu & Kashmir Belongs to India The legal arguments for the State's accession to India Contrary to claims made by Kashmiri secessionists and their sympathizers, there is no legal ambiguity a...

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  • A View From Mirpur

    A View From Mirpur

    The Kashmir Crisis; A View From Mirpur EXCERPT "Until recently Azad Kashmir – the narrow slice of territory which is bounded by the rivers Jhelum and Neelum to the West, and the Indo-Pakistan...

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  • Jammu's Ethnic Cleansing

    Jammu's Ethnic Cleansing

    The Fate of Jammu's Muslims 1947 EXCERPT "The inter-religious violence that occurred in Jammu and Kashmir against the backdrop of the 1947 Partition of India and its aftermaths included a possible...

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  • Azad Jammu Kashmir

    Azad Jammu Kashmir

    Pakistan's Official Narrative on Kashmir "The state of Jammu and Kashmir having an area of 84,471 square miles lies in the North East of Pakistan and North West of India. Russia, China and Afghan...

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  • Qurban Ali buried in Mirpur

    Qurban Ali buried in Mirpur

    Veteran Kashmiri laid to rest in native Mirpur Renowned Marxist intellectual, writer and politician Barrister Qurban Ali Khan died in a London hospital on Friday night after protracted illness at t...

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