• India's Hindu Right

    India's Hindu Right

    The political psychology of Hindu nationalism Hindu nationalists think of themselves as a large Indian joint family, a parivar. And perhaps rightly so, for they are propelled by a family of closely...

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  • State of Jammu & Kashmir

    State of Jammu & Kashmir

    Ex-militants Allege Broken Promises in Indian Kashmir "Deception, fraud, and dishonesty" - These are the words that Dawood Ahmad uses to sum up a local government rehabilitation policy that al...

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  • Banking on Disaster

    Banking on Disaster

    Pakistani officials accused of diverting funds  Corrupt officials divert funds from earthquake aid, Pakistan-administered-Kashmir As deadly floods continue to disrupt the lives of Pakistan's...

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  • Mirpuris in Jammu City

    Mirpuris in Jammu City

    Community Identity and its Paradoxes Mirpuris in Jammu City; Identities and Questions  The very fact of human existence means multiple identities, whether professional, personal, ideological ...

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  • Mirpuri Remittances to Pakistan

    Mirpuri Remittances to Pakistan

    Hawala Remittance-driven Transnational Networks (Post-Imperial Economic Order) Migrant remittances are now very big business. In addition to the $72.3 billion worth of funds which Rathore (2003) est...

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