• The Kharijite Legacy

    The Kharijite Legacy

    The Kharijites and their Impact on Contemporary Islam  Much of the excesses and extremism that we observe today may be understood in terms of the origins and unfolding of Kharijism during the fi...

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  • Reimagining Kashmir

    Reimagining Kashmir

    Kashmir; The Unwritten History Christopher Snedden looks at the Kashmir dispute from a new angle “The Kashmir dispute is now so old that if it were a person, it would be entitled to pension,...

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  • Approaches to Parenting

    Approaches to Parenting

    Islamic Nurture in the West Approaches to Parenting among Second Generation Pakistanis & Khojas in Peterborough EXCERPT "Literature on South Asian migration to Britain points to the continuing...

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  • Emergence of Pahari Media

    Emergence of Pahari Media

    The series ‘Miki Kharo England’ (“take me to England!”) produced by Arshad Chaal was the first among a number of Pahari-Patwari comedic dramas produced by various production ho...

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  • An Intriguing Story

    An Intriguing Story

    An intriguing story unravelled   Chris Snedden looks at a story carried by the Times of India on the Kashmir Issue     I love quizzical newspaper reports. Recently, the Times of ...

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