• Muslim Polygamy UK

    Muslim Polygamy UK

    What kind of woman is willing to share her husband? Jemima Khan investigates why more and more Muslim women in Britain are choosing to become “co-wives”. For many divorced, widowed or old...

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  • Pakistan's Cattle Farms

    Pakistan's Cattle Farms

    'I'm trying to shake Pakistan out of treating women like animals' Says, Oscar award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, an Academy Award winning filmmaker, talks to Felicity Capon about expos...

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  • Conspiracy Mad Pakistan

    Conspiracy Mad Pakistan

    Pakistan’s conspiracy theories stifle debate     Switch on any of the dozens of satellite news channels now available in Pakistan. You will be bombarded with talk show hosts wh...

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  • The Sectarian Carnage

    The Sectarian Carnage

    Sectarian violence: Pakistan’s greatest security threat? EXCERPT "Pakistan is experiencing a sharp resurgence in sectarian violence. Most frequently, such violence involves clashes between ...

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  • 'Wahhabification'


    The 'Wahabi Republic' of Pakistan There are many people in Pakistan who oppose the Taliban and their militant activities; however, ironically, not all of them question the Saudi-Wahabi ideology tha...

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