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  • Myth of Eurabia

    Myth of Eurabia

    Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong To listen to
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  • Deradicalisation Possible

    Deradicalisation Possible

    Muslims in a Secular Society Is the Deradicalisation of Isl
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  • Another Incarnation

    Another Incarnation

    Reviewing Doniger's "The Hindu; An Alternative History"
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  • Kashmir: Paths to Peace

    Kashmir: Paths to Peace

    Chatham House Opinion Poll What do Kashmiris want, "Pakist
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  • Creeping Islamification?

    Creeping Islamification?

    Debunking the 'Islamisation' Myth   "Islam has inv
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  • Citizen of the World

    Citizen of the World

    What does it mean to be a global citizen? As technology a
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  • Webmir


    WEBMIR is Portmir Foundation's online Resource Portal. Th...
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  • Dangers of Cousin Marriag

    Dangers of Cousin Marriag

    Consanguineous Marriages among British Muslims "First co...
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  • Fatwa on Terrorism

    Fatwa on Terrorism

    Who's Really Behind Tahir ul-Qadri's 500-Page Fatwa Again...
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  • The 'Lozells Riots'
    Rumours of a Riot It started with a claim that a young black woman had been raped in a shop - and e...
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  • Trash-Attacks
    Vilification of the (British) Mirpuri Community; Online Samples; (reader discretion advisable)...
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  • Community Leaders
    Time to Democratise our "Leaders" Walk into any local Labour Party branch meeting, in any one of ...
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